Scripture Sunday: Remember His Plan

I’ve said before, “Why can’t God just write me a quick post-it, or send me a text?” How easy would that be?

Sometimes I think it’s easier to just try your hardest and go for what you want in this life, assuming that’s the plan. And sometimes I feel like it’s more pressure not knowing what will happen.

I want a “Yes, do that” or a “No, not yet.” Or a bright green light that illuminates everything, saying “Do it now, right now!”

Sometimes, you will have this feeling. You’ll feel in the exact right place, at the exact right time, and you’ll just know. But often times, for me at least, I don’t know and I don’t have the green light, intuition of it all.

So, in the words of a dear friend, pray. Ask Him what His plan is. Better yet, run your plans by Him. Pray to him and tell him everything. Yes, He already knows, but it will help you to talk it out and be clear.

Then, listen. Listen to what He says. Know that there is a reason for it all. Be patient in it all.

He says He gives us the desires of our hearts. If that doesn’t say it all, what does? I still want the email or the heads up, but instead, I have to be patient in the waiting.

Also, don’t forget to smile. You have to be open and ready to hear Him.

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Scripture Sunday: Remember His Plan

  1. Hi Emily, so glad to see you are back up and running! Where are you now? Praying for you sister that God will light your path and give you the desires of your heart as you continue to walk with Him. I miss seeing you and your cheerful smile.
    Love you.


    1. Hi Gail! I am back, and glad to be. I am in South Carolina for now and enjoying the endless Fall. Thank you SO much, that is a perfect prayer for me. My phone screen has had Psalm 119:105 almost all year. And I continuously thank Him for His plan and fulfilling the desires of my heart. I miss you, too, think of you often, pray for you all the time, and hope all is well!! XOXO


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