Scripture Sunday: Ask Him and be Patient For The Answer

I realized lately that there are things happened, that seemingly keep happening and I wonder, “Why does this keep happening and what does it mean?” Instead of just wondering, I pray about it. Because really, who is going to give you a better explanation for His plan than God?

Some questions are silly like, “Why has there been so much elephant decor at the AirBnb’s we’ve been staying at?”

Some are more serious like, “Why are we following the hurricanes?” (Seriously, a month before we went on a preplanned trip to Myrtle Beach, hurricane, and now, about a month before we stay in the Florida panhandle, hurricane.)

There are so many things that happen in this life that I don’t understand. There are so many things in this life that I question. I try not to to obsess or let it be my every thought, but I do pray about it. I ask Him why, and I ask Him to show me, to tell me, and to explain to me what’s happening.

And sometimes I think, “God, hello! Why aren’t you answering me?!” But then I remind myself of John 13:7



So that’s that.

You have to have faith, be patient, and sometimes, you even have to wait.

If you’re reading this, I just want to pray for you.

Dear God, Thank You for Your plan. Thank You answering us in the perfect timing. Thank You for all that you do for us. We are so lucky to have You on our side. You just want us to be happy, enjoy life, and come to You with everything. How awesome is that?! Thank you for reminding us to have faith and be patient. You are an awesome God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Scripture Sunday: Remember His Plan

I’ve said before, “Why can’t God just write me a quick post-it, or send me a text?” How easy would that be?

Sometimes I think it’s easier to just try your hardest and go for what you want in this life, assuming that’s the plan. And sometimes I feel like it’s more pressure not knowing what will happen.

I want a “Yes, do that” or a “No, not yet.” Or a bright green light that illuminates everything, saying “Do it now, right now!”

Sometimes, you will have this feeling. You’ll feel in the exact right place, at the exact right time, and you’ll just know. But often times, for me at least, I don’t know and I don’t have the green light, intuition of it all.

So, in the words of a dear friend, pray. Ask Him what His plan is. Better yet, run your plans by Him. Pray to him and tell him everything. Yes, He already knows, but it will help you to talk it out and be clear.

Then, listen. Listen to what He says. Know that there is a reason for it all. Be patient in it all.

He says He gives us the desires of our hearts. If that doesn’t say it all, what does? I still want the email or the heads up, but instead, I have to be patient in the waiting.

Also, don’t forget to smile. You have to be open and ready to hear Him.

Happy Sunday!

Scripture Sunday: Patience

Confession time. I’m not always super patient. But I try to be, more and more! Because slowing down to take it all in is awesome. And because there’s more to come and I want to see!!!! (Hahaha, see, patience.)

And also, sometimes, life is what happens while you’re in between the “big stuff.” After hourglassall, it’s in the small things that tend to make us most content.

That morning cuddle or a text from your BFF, these are the things that make my heart so happy. I do find I have to be patient in the waiting.

Living far away from friends and family is hard sometimes, and we’re definitely missing our people. More and more, we find ourselves wondering what they’re doing and wanting to be a part of their lives more. Are you patient during the “in between time?”

This obviously requires patience. Being home is a feeling like no other. It’s a feeling of contentment and having a sense of peace come over you. So great.

Nick and I feel this in new places, too, and are being patient with ourselves. We are taking our time in order to explore, travel, and pick our “final destination,” or a place to park for a while=)

I love verse this for so many reasons. Life is ours for the living and this isn’t the end of our story. Are you being patient with yourself?

I was just saying the other day, how there have been several instances in my life, that I Cross-Imageknew would come out they way they did. Like 100%, not a doubt in my mind, that they would happen. Have you ever had this feeling, so strong you just knew what the outcome would be?

That feeling is second best next to being home. I cannot even say how truly fulfilling it is to feel that “right place, right time” feeling of knowing. Thanks for the memo, God.

And for all the other happenings, I believe they will happen when they’re meant to. I know it’s cliche but I always thought that if things should happen, they would.

So, this is my favorite way to be patient. Having faith. Everything will happen according to His plan, so you just have to be patient and enjoy the ride.

Happy Sunday! XOXO


There’s a book I read, one of my favorites, that helps you (women specifically) to be strong and be brave. Have you read it yet? Here’s the link, so check it out and let me know what you think of this new column!

Have a great day!

Walking Everyday Is Healthy And Important

Keeping active is imperative in this life. Walking is an easy an effective way to literally “get your steps in” and it feels great. Take a walk often to benefit your health.

It’s Easy

No gym membership needed here! Lace up and head out the door with this quick essential workout. Just starting out? Even a short walk is a good start, just be consistent.

weight-scaleReduces Body Fat

Walking on a daily basis will moderately reduce your body fat over time. Persistence and patience will pay off and help you to keep control of your weight.

Stress Reduction

Spending time outdoors, especially active time, is a great way to reduce stress and boost your immune system. Fresh air and sunlight are both linked with stress reduction and elevated moods.

Energy Boost

Taking a walk will feel wonderful and leave you with more energy than you had beforehand. Improved circulation boosts oxygen flow and you will feel more alert and energized thanks to your walk.

Get Your Vitamin Dsearch

30 minutes of sun daily is the recommended amount of exposure for your Vitamin D needs. Getting outside to walk feels great so if the weather allows, do it!


Walking is a great way to stay moving for people of all ages. It’s feel good stimulation, both mental and physical, will keep you coming back for more. Happy Walking