Fall Is Full Of Flavor, Fashion and Fun

As an October baby and WI native who loves to hike, Fall weather is the best weather. Popular seasonal foods and sports return to start this season. Fall has great weather, fashion and more to boast about.

Top Fall Flavors

Pumpkin is undoubtedly the preferred flavor of the Fall. Once Labor Day passes, pumpkins are everywhere. Pumpkin spice coffee, ice cream and candles rapidly became the go to way to celebrate the coming of the season.



Apples are also in season and ready for picking come Fall. Homemade applesauce and apple crumble reminds me of childhood. If a crisp fall air blew through the house with the scent of apple,  you just knew it was Fall.


Fall Fashion

Because of the weather change in most northern states due to fall, the clothing and styles change along with it.

sweatshirtThe cooler temps lead to layered looks and heavier choices like sweaters. Other fashion trends for the 2016 season range from wider embellished purse straps to pinstripe suits. Chokers have come back into style as well.

My personal favorite trend for Fall 2016 is hoodies! Elle.com says that “luxury comfort” is in making hoodies the ultimate indulgence. Yay 2016!

Fall Fun

Halloween, football season and outside activities are just a few of the fun things the Fall season offers. Temperate weather pushes people outside to indulge in its beauty before the winter season commences.

Halloween falls on October 31st and is the epitome of a fun holiday. Costumes and candy are the theme of the day and there is always a party to attend.

footballFootball fans ecstatically welcome back the season with 2/3 of all Americans tuning in to the NFL.  64%  of people watch their team every week for the duration of the football season.

The Fall weather is perfect for hiking and taking in all the sights of the season. Reds, oranges and yellows fill tree tops with a unique and breathtaking array of colors, making your view extraordinary.

Flavors, fashion and fun activities are the best things about Fall. This awesome season is often cut short with the cold and frost of Winter, so enjoy Fall while it lasts.







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