Where We Are Now: Las Vegas, Nevada

Truth be told, we left two weeks ago. I’m a little behind. Here’s everything we’ve been up to since Houston.

After Houston, we spent a little more time in Texas and visited San Antonio. It was a quick four days but we ate steak at the River Walk and visited the Alamo, you know, San Antonio Texas things.

From Texas we drove through New Mexico and at sunset no less, it was gorgeous. After IMG_20181220_170230about 15 hours in the car, we made it to Sun Lakes AZ, right outside of Phoenix.

We have never been before and my parents live there now, so everything was new to us. We arrived shortly before Christmas and both had time off, what a great way to end the year!

To sum up Sun Lakes, my parents cooked like crazy for us, and we ate all the food. We also

My parents house, decorated for Christmas

slept in, worked out, and worked after our time off was over. It was a slow, relaxing jaunt but before we knew it, we were off again.

We spent a week in Sedona and a week in Page before leaving AZ. Sedona was amazing. The mountains, the fresh air, the wine, it gives you all the feels! And Page AZ is in the middle of the canyon lands. If you have never been, these pictures are all I need to convince you. It was truly stunning and nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The last week of January and the first week of February were spent in Vegas. We hiked, I biked, and we ate a lot. We also gambled a little, drank some drinks, and explored.

The first night we were there, someone broke into our car. They really only got clothes and shoes, both of which were worth next to nothing, though I’m sure they thought they had scored. If that’s the worst thing that happens to us during these travels, I’ll call us lucky! (But it was a little sad and of course, we wish we still had the things they took. Boo.)

Now, it’s San Diego for a month. Nick has never been and we’re staying in the thick of it all. Thanks for reading=)

Fall Hike Blend

I love the Fall and I am experiencing it right now! From a girl who spent the last 3+ years in south Florida, this cool weather is the best!

Outside it’s foggy, chilly, and we just got back from a hike. And inside, I have a fan in the window, blowing in the fresh air and I just put a new fall blend into my diffuser. It. smells. great. Here’e my recipe!

Fall Hike Blendcinnamon-3005826_960_720

  • 8 drops Orange
  • 3 drops Clove
  • 3 drops Cinnamon Bark

Drop these oils to a diffuser, add water, and start it! This is such a perf blend for the Fall and I cannot wait to enjoy this scent again and again=)

What are your favorite scents of the Fall? Let me know what you think of this one!

Disclaimer: I use Young Living Essential Oils and based on my research, I believe these are the best, safest, and most pure oils on the market. PLEASE do your own research and determine which oils are best for you and your family.

Where Are We Now: Beech Mountain NC

We just got here and I’m so excited. The weather is perfect, the sites are beautiful, and we will be here for a whole week. Eeeeeek!

But let me back up. Where have we been? Everywhere! In Wisconsin, that is. We spent the last two months visiting friends and family, and it was the best.

After leaving Nick’s BFF and fam in De Pere, WI, we went to

My dinner helper Ava, and a fellow lover of eating frozen,  frozen corn=)

Sheboygan and enjoyed a night of dinner and dancing. A wedding, we went to a wedding. It was so fun and pretty with shimmery rose gold and navy blue. Congrats to the Riste’s!Screenshot_20180916-201514

Go Brewers!

Next it was off to the Brewer’s game with some of my favorite fans. These girls and I have been causing mischief for almost 20 years together and we always will. Cheers to the next 20 and Go Brewers!

Next was a whirlwind week in the Milwaukee area. There was trivia, lots of trips to the library for work, more work for my mystery shops, Nick had lunch with an old work buddy, and then golfing and lunch with another, and I even helped someone move! Well not move, but I did organize a closet.

After that we spent a weekend with my nanny family, the Bowes, in Hartland. We went to see Jameson, the oldest child and the one I used to nanny for, play flag football.

They even won! Then it was off to apple picking and spending the rest of the night together. The next day the Bowes hosted a Packer party so we got some good eats, drinks, and fun with the other Packer lovers.

Then it was a day in Lake Geneva for another (work) library and some more shops. I went hiking and loved it. Lake Geneva has a public path around the whole lake. If you’ve never been and you love hiking, you must go. We spent a couple last days in Beloit, a dinner out with friends and then a dinner in with friends and we were out! (of Wisconsin that is.)

For the last two nights we were in Cinncinati, living it up! )In reality, we went to the gym IMG_20180928_213157and worked a lot.) But we also did our monthly wine tasting and I cooked in the hotel. One hand-sized skillet and a hot plate is all you need to make a meal from scratch. Ha. It’s true and it totally worked, but I had to do everything in about 5-6 different batches when I normally would have done it all in one. It was fun thought and tbh, I impressed myself.

Well that’s about it for now. We’re officially back on the east coast time and still sleeping until 8 AM. Sometimes you just need more sleep! I for one cannot wait to hike, cook, nap, explore, and have some full work days this week.

I think the only other time I spent in the mountains was in Panama and I loved it. I cannot wait to see what this week brings, yay! Thanks for reading, you’ll hear from me again soon. Have a great week!

(Written on Sunday 9/30)

Three and a Half Days in Canada: Day One

Hey! It’s just so fitting to start out with that. Born and raised in WI, “hey” is common place and used for “hi,” to get someones attention, and even sometimes as a statement or question.

Even walking into the hotel, “hey there,” was written on the door. Canada, we have arrived. (And for my first time ever!)

Our first day started with driving from Michigan and into Canada. Crossing the border took about half and hour but otherwise, it was a snap. Handed over our drivers licenses, US birth certificates, answered a couple of questions, and we were in.

Let’s back up. My husband and I are on a road trip for work. We started in Milwaukee WI, then onto/through Chicago IL, a night in Dayton Ohio, two nights in Detroit MI, and now Canada. He has meetings, I have “shops,” and we’re both writing a lot. Plus, of course, trying to take it all in and have some fun too.

Just driving into Canada, I couldn’t help but notice all the differences. Yet, at the very same time, all the similarities. Canada so far has looked (and felt) much like the Midwest. However, many of the similarities end there.

Here are all the differences so far:


Canada, like most of the world, use metrics. Distance is kilometers, volume is litre, and temperature is Celsius. This is new and different to me. Ie, even our GPS uses kilometers which made me laugh.

French is everywhere!download

I knew that large parts of Canada spoke French and used French, but I didn’t expect to see it all over the place. As a Spanish speaker, I imagine I feel now like my hubby did when we lived in Panama. Ie, I can’t read the signs written in French and feel a little left out of it all.

But just a little. And I plan to learn a few words while I’m here. First is sucre or sugar in English=)


And finally, the biggest thing I noticed was the signs. So many are pictures without words! Have you seen this before? I love it. All of Canada uses emojis irl. Too cool.

I also saw a speed bump sign, no words, just waves.

And for fun, a picture of the monies.


We have lots of things to do, see, and write about. For now, au revoir! (Bye in French=)


Fall Is Full Of Flavor, Fashion and Fun

As an October baby and WI native who loves to hike, Fall weather is the best weather. Popular seasonal foods and sports return to start this season. Fall has great weather, fashion and more to boast about.

Top Fall Flavors

Pumpkin is undoubtedly the preferred flavor of the Fall. Once Labor Day passes, pumpkins are everywhere. Pumpkin spice coffee, ice cream and candles rapidly became the go to way to celebrate the coming of the season.



Apples are also in season and ready for picking come Fall. Homemade applesauce and apple crumble reminds me of childhood. If a crisp fall air blew through the house with the scent of apple,  you just knew it was Fall.


Fall Fashion

Because of the weather change in most northern states due to fall, the clothing and styles change along with it.

sweatshirtThe cooler temps lead to layered looks and heavier choices like sweaters. Other fashion trends for the 2016 season range from wider embellished purse straps to pinstripe suits. Chokers have come back into style as well.

My personal favorite trend for Fall 2016 is hoodies! Elle.com says that “luxury comfort” is in making hoodies the ultimate indulgence. Yay 2016!

Fall Fun

Halloween, football season and outside activities are just a few of the fun things the Fall season offers. Temperate weather pushes people outside to indulge in its beauty before the winter season commences.

Halloween falls on October 31st and is the epitome of a fun holiday. Costumes and candy are the theme of the day and there is always a party to attend.

footballFootball fans ecstatically welcome back the season with 2/3 of all Americans tuning in to the NFL.  64%  of people watch their team every week for the duration of the football season.

The Fall weather is perfect for hiking and taking in all the sights of the season. Reds, oranges and yellows fill tree tops with a unique and breathtaking array of colors, making your view extraordinary.

Flavors, fashion and fun activities are the best things about Fall. This awesome season is often cut short with the cold and frost of Winter, so enjoy Fall while it lasts.







Vacations Filled With Hiking Are The Best Kind


Hills and forests are a hikers best friend. Living in South Florida has been vastly different from my Midwest roots and while I enjoy the wetlands and (flat) boardwalks, I was more than excited to jet up north last weekend to find some trails. North FL is hilly, full of trees and reminds me of home.

Devil’s Millhopper State park has several different trails, sink holes and sights to see. Hills make up a large part of this park that also offers trees and shrubbery of all kinds. IMG_20160814_103439

This park houses all 45 species of birds native to Florida’s hardwood forests and, as such, they are the only forest in FL that can claim this distinction.






Here are bright orange and white mushrooms that grow from the side of fallen stumps.





These bright berries, along with some of a purple variety, liter the ground floor with color.




With a mile loop trail and an extension (to create about 3 miles of trail) loop trail, these walking paths are for everyone. This sign reminds us to take care of these beautiful parks by not disturbing them.


This hike provided a beautiful and calming start to our Sunday. With temperatures climbing into the 90’s, it was quite the hot and sweaty trek. However, I cannot wait to get back and experience more of what North Florida has to offer!

5 Workout Tips For The Beginner

Working out is great for your mind, body and soul, and my favorite stress reliever. If you don’t have a regimen or want to get started, this can be a great way to go.

Tip 1: Stretchimages

Make sure that you feel limber each day – especially if you are working out or feeling tight. Neck, back, and core moves are a great start. Even leaning side to side and twisting can help. Keep everything moving each day for an all over good feeling in the body.

Tip 2: Walk

imagesWalking starts young and continues into old age for most of us. If you start taking a walk daily, it can be such a great way to get into the rhythm of a daily workout..it can even be a great workout in itself. Long distance treks on flat land and getting in some hilly walking or hiking is great too. You use different muscles for each movement and are sure to start scorching some calories.

Tip 3: Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workouts are a must, even for runners or lifters. When you are starting out, body weight workouts begin to train your muscles and prepare them to be used on a regular basis. Planks, push ups, squats and lunges are some of the best moves. Watch for my body weight circuits to come out for some great routines!

Tip 4: Stop If It Hurts

In my opinion, there is no validity to the phrase, “No pain, no gain,” so just don’t. I am all for pushing yourself and setting goals but if you are hurting or just feeling wiped out, call it a day. You can (and should) come back tomorrow to give it another try.

Tip 5: Be consistent!

With work, schedules, life, relationships, friendships, kids, events and the daily’s, life is busy! It can be such a struggle to find time for the necessities of life much less adding in time to do something more or different, but for a workout, you just have to! Making time for activity in your day, whether it be a walk or a full hour in the gym, is essential. Keeping on the move and staying active is so important. Consistency is the most effective way to create a workout pattern in your everyday.

Final Thought

The most important part of staying active is to move in ways that you enjoy daily. Do what feels good and makes you happy. That way you can be consistent with it and it will feel like you were always a regular when it comes to working out. Good luck!