Where we are now: Houston, TX

Hello from Houston! It’s my first time in Houston and Nick’s first in Texas,. The weather is Fall-like and the people are nice. We are here through the end of the week but I’m sure you want to know what we’ve done for the past 6 or so weeks, so here it is

After Cocoa Beach, it was on to our old stomping grounds in Delray Beach ,Florida. We spent a lot of time with friends, a little time in the sun, and Nick kept busy with work in the office. It was all around a great time and we were so happy to visit.

The first weekend we were back, we went to a friend’s wedding. We enjoyed visiting with our close friends, Lance and Dana, and it was such a fun way to spend our first weekend back.    

The second weekend was filled with more friends, Lisa and Corey, and drinks. The boys had beer, the girls had wine, and we all had a great time. We also had a lasagna dinner with the same friends and spent that Friday night with them at a happy hour as well. We love our Corey and Lisa time!

The next weekend we spent a lot of time in. Haha, so very Emily and Nick of us. We read a lot, I worked and cooked, we got a little sun, took naps, and watched shows. It was a good time.


We ate our faces off at Thanksgiving and went home with legit three bags of leftovers. It was so good, I could eat Thanksgiving dinner every month. And we spent the holiday with Ami, a girl from my church and prayer group, and her family. It was a great time and we were blessed to have been invited. We went out with Dana and Lance that weekend to Cooper’s Hawk, a winery that Nick and I love and turned our friends into fans, too. The wine was delicious and the food was, too.

We couldn’t believe it but it was already the last weekend of our stay, and Nick’s work Christmas party! He works with Corey, so we spent the bulk of our night with them, again. And loved it. Check out the picture, family Christmas card or what? LOL, so fun!

These weekends were super fun and the time with our friends was priceless. I even cooked up a bunch of Chinese food and had everyone over for a feast. We love our Florida friends! However, as fast as we got there, it was time to go, and we were out!

Next stop was Destin Beach, Florida. I have never been before but we enjoyed it. We went to a couple of wineries, walked on the beach, and enjoyed a night in with shows, and cooking as it rained. As fun as it was, it was also very real, and really sad. We visited Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach, both of which were demolished during Hurricane Michael. What a great reminder to be thankful for what you have!

And now, Houston. We have been here for a couple days and will be here a couple more. San Antonio is next and on the way to Sun Lakes, AZ by Christmas to visit my Mom and step-dad, Randy, and see the new house.

I probably won’t update you again until after the holidays so have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I wish you a blessed 2019 and remember to keep working hard, and never stop praying! XOXO

5 thoughts on “Where we are now: Houston, TX

  1. Good to hear from you Emily. Wishing you a wonderfully blessed Christmas with your family in AZ and a happy & healthy New Year. Was just writing my Christmas cards with a great pen and wondered where I got it. It’s from Cooper’s Hawk, the winery you mentioned, so surprised. I’ve never been there-where is it? Safe travels and enjoy your family time. It was great seeing you!
    Love, Gail


    1. Thank you Gail, it’s always so great to hear from you! I remember you told us all about your nephew and his family, house,land, and shop. So sad=( Prayers of course!

      Cooper’s Hawk, that’s so funny. Do you think I left that pen at your house or something? LOL. The closest one to you is in Coral Springs/Coconut Creek. They have a great wine membership and delicious food, too.

      Merry Christmas Gail! I miss and love you! How have your holidays been? Great I hope. I have an interview tomorrow, prayers for me? XOXO Hope your holidays have been amazing!


  2. P.S. I see you went through Panama City, etc. That’s where my nephew lives with his family. There’s so much devastation and they’re now living in an RV on their property. Waiting to get a new roof and then the whole interior has to be redone due to water damage. They also lost 2 cars, a boat and his new shop he just built (likes to tinker with cars), but thankfully, they are okay. The storm went from a Cat 1 to Cat 4 w/i 24 hrs so most were prepared for the Cat 1 hurricane but not when it freaked into a 4. Not much they could do. He’s not even near the coast or the bay. Anyway, I would appreciate your prayers for him and his family when you think of it, Scott and Pam Baldwin and their adorable kids Sarah and CJ.


  3. Looks like you are having a fine time Emily – love your writing. Here in the south of France it’s quite mild as well. Not practical for the chocolate I’m afraid but thanks all the same. Allow me to wish you and Nick a lovely Christmas and wonderful surprises and good health for the New Year.


    1. Thank you Alice! So nice to hear from you=) Life is good, I cannot complain. I have an interview tomorrow for a new opportunity, I’m very excited about it! Wish me luck! Glad the weather has been good and I hope your holidays are treating you well. Thanks for all the well wishes and a Happy almost New Years to you, too!


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