Scripture Sunday: The Best Way To Spend Your December

I shared this meme on my Facebook page and I wanted to share it with you, too. What better way to spend part of your prayer time in December than to learn Jesus’ story before his birthday?


I hope this inspires you to dig deeper into the Bible and more specifically, into Jesus’ life, this December.

Today is the first day of December, so it’s the perfect day to get started=) Happy Sunday and God Bless.


Where we are now: Houston, TX

Hello from Houston! It’s my first time in Houston and Nick’s first in Texas,. The weather is Fall-like and the people are nice. We are here through the end of the week but I’m sure you want to know what we’ve done for the past 6 or so weeks, so here it is

After Cocoa Beach, it was on to our old stomping grounds in Delray Beach ,Florida. We spent a lot of time with friends, a little time in the sun, and Nick kept busy with work in the office. It was all around a great time and we were so happy to visit.

The first weekend we were back, we went to a friend’s wedding. We enjoyed visiting with our close friends, Lance and Dana, and it was such a fun way to spend our first weekend back.    

The second weekend was filled with more friends, Lisa and Corey, and drinks. The boys had beer, the girls had wine, and we all had a great time. We also had a lasagna dinner with the same friends and spent that Friday night with them at a happy hour as well. We love our Corey and Lisa time!

The next weekend we spent a lot of time in. Haha, so very Emily and Nick of us. We read a lot, I worked and cooked, we got a little sun, took naps, and watched shows. It was a good time.


We ate our faces off at Thanksgiving and went home with legit three bags of leftovers. It was so good, I could eat Thanksgiving dinner every month. And we spent the holiday with Ami, a girl from my church and prayer group, and her family. It was a great time and we were blessed to have been invited. We went out with Dana and Lance that weekend to Cooper’s Hawk, a winery that Nick and I love and turned our friends into fans, too. The wine was delicious and the food was, too.

We couldn’t believe it but it was already the last weekend of our stay, and Nick’s work Christmas party! He works with Corey, so we spent the bulk of our night with them, again. And loved it. Check out the picture, family Christmas card or what? LOL, so fun!

These weekends were super fun and the time with our friends was priceless. I even cooked up a bunch of Chinese food and had everyone over for a feast. We love our Florida friends! However, as fast as we got there, it was time to go, and we were out!

Next stop was Destin Beach, Florida. I have never been before but we enjoyed it. We went to a couple of wineries, walked on the beach, and enjoyed a night in with shows, and cooking as it rained. As fun as it was, it was also very real, and really sad. We visited Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach, both of which were demolished during Hurricane Michael. What a great reminder to be thankful for what you have!

And now, Houston. We have been here for a couple days and will be here a couple more. San Antonio is next and on the way to Sun Lakes, AZ by Christmas to visit my Mom and step-dad, Randy, and see the new house.

I probably won’t update you again until after the holidays so have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I wish you a blessed 2019 and remember to keep working hard, and never stop praying! XOXO

Happy Birthday, Nick! 33 Facts For my Hubby’s 33rd

It’s here, Nick’s birthday! This means Christmas, the end of the year and another year older. So, without delay, learn all about Nick:

  1. Nick loves golf.
  2. His dream vacation is an African safari.
  3. Nick passed the entire CFA program the first time. (This intense certification has less than a 9% pass rate.)
  4. Nick hates the snow and cold weather.
  5. If he could, he’d eat my Chicken Alfredo over anything else. (Aww! But it really is the best. Ever.)
  6. Nick is from WI, and is glad to be from the state known for its cheese wi-largemapand beer.
  7. Nick is a WI sports fan and likes the Packers, the Brewers, and the Bucks, to name a few.
  8. Nick’s ideal outside temperature range is anywhere from 60-85 degrees.
  9. Nick likes to read finance, science fiction, as well as other fictions, most. **nerd**
  10. Nick’s all time favorite movie is Gladiator.
  11. Nick likes sweet more than savory.
  12. His favorite vegetable is mushrooms. Coming in at number two is broccoli. (Jk. He hates broccoli.)
  13. Nick likes dark, heavy red wine and sharp, aged cheddar. (And taught me a love of the same.)
  14. Nick played football, basketball and golf growing up.
  15. Nick likes action and sci-fi movies the best.
  16. Nick’s man crush is George Clooney.tmp_3lN2hL_6a08a35b2ded0464_main
  17. Nick has never had a cavity.
  18. Though he can drive a stick-shift, he hates it.
  19. Nick’s favorite vacation so far was visiting Norway, the land of his people.
  20. Nick has one brother.
  21. He loves dogs, but never wants one.
  22. Nick’s birth date is exactly 55 days after mine, in the same year, and he loves to call attention to it every day in between.
  23. Nick wants the live the millionaire lifestyle, at the Groupon price.
  24. He loves bacon, sushi, and pizza.
  25. Nick’s favorite pie is apple pie.
  26. And his favorite fruit is blueberries, both fresh and dried.
  27. Nick and I are both holiday babies.
  28. Nick is almost a full foot taller than me, at about 6 feet tall. (Me=5’3”)
  29. Nick’s hometown is known for the paper mill and it’s role in cranberry production.
  30. Nick doesn’t like the rain.
  31. Nick’s favorite season is winter (because we currently live in FL.) downloadHAHA.
  32. He likes to go to bed early and get up early.
  33. Nick loves pumpkin best as a Fall flavor.

Alright, well, there you have it. We will be back home in WI for Nick’s birthday this year. He isn’t looking forward to the snow, cold, or season. But I am! Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Why Winter is the Best

Growing up in Wisconsin, I knew all the seasons. And I agree, winter lasts forever there, but I love it!

We’re going to be in Wisconsin this Christmas for the first time since 2014. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I look forward to snowy landscapes, chilly air and everything the season has to bring, and here’s why.

It’s Gorgeouswinter-snow-nature-60561

Snowfall is so sparkly and beautiful. I remember the first snow, I would always want to take a walk. The snow falls so carefully sometimes and so fast and harsh at other times. That sparkle though!

You just don’t see natural things like that very often, things that glitter from within. Snow sparkle is one of my favorite things.

It’s Bright

When it snows, everything seems lit up, even at night. The cover of the white creates a fresh blanket of light and even on the darkest of nights, I swear you can see more.

It’s Quiet

Have you ever stuck your head out and listened to the sound of snow? You might hear a snow plow, maybe the scrapping of a shovel, but you’ll never hear the snow. It’s so quiet. It’s so peaceful. I really miss it.

It’s Cold

That’s right. Snow is cold and means it’s cold out, and for the most part, that it will be cold and snowy for a while. Why is this a reason I love it? Because cuddling. Snow is a reason to bundle up, wear fuzzy socks, and take extra baths. Yay!

Sleddingdownload (1)

And we cannot forget sledding! Big. steep snow covered hills, tubes and sleds, and all the warmest clothes you can find! Sledding is so fun, a great workout, and a the best way to celebrate the snow!

It’s not that everything about the snow is awesome. Snow can create packed down snow, and with the freezing temps, ice. Ice is no fun. I fall on ice. Then there’s the whole snow removal aspect.

I sympathize with people who hate snow removal. The last year we lived a winter in 1Wisconsin, I choose snow work over yard work, and it was no small task. But to tell you the truth, I’d do it again.

That’s right. Because I love the snow (see above.) Do you love the snow? Do you live where it snows? If there isn’t snow, do you miss it during the holidays?

Check out some of my favorite winter things:

To stay warm:

To play:

Best Essential Oils for Feeling Well

‘Tis the season, right? The holidays are here!happy-holidays-snowman-cute-illustration-heading-33801505.jpg

Or are you used to getting a nasty cold or dealing with some other sickness most holiday seasons? What if I told you there was something you could do about it? What if I told you, you didn’t have to get sick?

I’m not a flu shot fan and I don’t get the flu shot. But you know what else I don’t get? Sick. At least not anymore.

Early on, Nick and I realized that we didn’t get each other sick. Bonus. But back then, we did get sick. Colds, the flu, things like heartburn and indigestion, and winter sicknesses, too.

Through the years, we’ve chosen to work towards being more health forward. We care more about what we eat and we are vigilant about exercise. But the biggest change? Essential Oils.

They have changed my wellness and preventative wellness life, so much so, that Nick and I really haven’t gotten sick in almost three years. Three years!

Want to know the secret? Well, it’s the oils of course! Try these (blends and singles) and see how great they make you feel!

Thieves and Oreganobottle-oregano-essential-oil-blooming-oregano-twigs-white-background-97914929

No Sick is my favorite blend, with Thieves and Oregano, and coincidentally, it smells like Christmas to me.  I swipe it several times a week, whenever I think about it. If I’m feeling off, like I may be getting “sick,” I swipe several times a day, for a few days.

Lemon Oil

Lemon essential oil is amazing for your immune system. (And it smells heavenly!) As long as your using food-grade oil, you can consume it internally, too. So add it to your protein shake, tea or hot or cold water for a great and healthy boost.

Tea Tree Oiltea tree

Tea tree oil has a fresh, light scent and it protects against viruses, bacteria and microbes.

This oil is great in the diffuser or just a drop, rubbed into your skin.

Go here to see my five favorite oil blends! What oils do you use to feel well? Here’s my wellness tips book for more on how to stay well.

Disclaimer: I use Young Living Essential Oils and based on my research, I believe these are the best, safest, and most pure oils on the market. PLEASE do your own research and determine which oils are best for you and your family.

Christmas Sides To Satisfy Everyone: 4 Sides In Under 40 Minutes

Holiday entertaining this year? The holidays are chock full of parties, get togethers and various festivities. And the food. The FOOD!

I love party food. Party meals are fun too but can be daunting for a host or hostess. Have no fear! You decide on the main course and dessert, and leave the sides to me! These side dishes are delicious, easy and healthy too.

The first is my mashed potatoes, so good you’d never believe they’re dairy free, gluten free, vegan and paleo. Next is sweet and spicy carrots, followed by bacon and brussels and last but not least, roasted cauliflower.

Emmy’s Mashed Potatoesimg_20161112_172248

  • 3 medium sized bakers potatoes, rinsed off and chopped
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 1/3 cup vegetable stock
  • 3 tablespoons refined coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper

Boil the chopped potatoes for about 15 minutes or until you can start to stick a fork through them but they are still firm. Add in the chopped onion for the last 5 minutes or until everything is tender. Drain off the water and add the potatoes back into the pan with the remaining ingredients. Mash everything together and serve hot.

Sweet And Spicy Carrotscarrots

  • 4 carrots, skinned and chopped into rounds
  • 1 cup 100% orange juice of choice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • pinch of ginger
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of cayenne pepper

In a small sauce pan on medium/high heat, simmer all the ingredients together until the juice evaporates and the carrots are soft, or about 20 minutes


Baked Bacon And Brussel Sprouts 

babBaked Bacon And Brussel Sprouts

  • 4 slices bacon, fried
  • 3 cups of brussel sprouts, ends cut off and quartered

Fry bacon on medium heat while flipping throughout, until preferred crispiness. Take bacon out and set aside. Do not drain the grease from the pan!

Cut the ends off of the brussel sprouts and then cut in quarters, or so that all the brussel pieces are about equal size. Add them into the pan you fried the bacon in and coat the brussel sprouts with the grease.

Place brussel sprouts on a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes in a 375 degree oven or until they begin to brown. In the last 5 minutes, crumble the bacon on top of the brussel sprouts and mix.

Tip: When you take the bacon out, lay it on a paper towel and dab off the excess grease.

Roasted Cauliflower 

Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables, it’s so versatile and can take on different flavors and textures. In this recipe, cauliflower is mixed with garlic and olive oil and becomes almost nutty.

  • 1 head cauliflower, chopped or sliced and broken up into pieces20160504_195431
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 2-3 tablespoons olive oil (to coat)

Preheat oven to about 375 degrees. Combine ingredients together in a bowl. Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil (for the fastest and easiest clean up!) and spread cauliflower evenly on the baking sheet. Bake until it begins to brown on the outside or to your preferred texture- about 25 minutes.

Regulars in my house, these veggies are some of my favorites. From my kitchen to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!