Happy Birthday, Nick! 33 Facts For my Hubby’s 33rd

It’s here, Nick’s birthday! This means Christmas, the end of the year and another year older. So, without delay, learn all about Nick:

  1. Nick loves golf.
  2. His dream vacation is an African safari.
  3. Nick passed the entire CFA program the first time. (This intense certification has less than a 9% pass rate.)
  4. Nick hates the snow and cold weather.
  5. If he could, he’d eat my Chicken Alfredo over anything else. (Aww! But it really is the best. Ever.)
  6. Nick is from WI, and is glad to be from the state known for its cheese wi-largemapand beer.
  7. Nick is a WI sports fan and likes the Packers, the Brewers, and the Bucks, to name a few.
  8. Nick’s ideal outside temperature range is anywhere from 60-85 degrees.
  9. Nick likes to read finance, science fiction, as well as other fictions, most. **nerd**
  10. Nick’s all time favorite movie is Gladiator.
  11. Nick likes sweet more than savory.
  12. His favorite vegetable is mushrooms. Coming in at number two is broccoli. (Jk. He hates broccoli.)
  13. Nick likes dark, heavy red wine and sharp, aged cheddar. (And taught me a love of the same.)
  14. Nick played football, basketball and golf growing up.
  15. Nick likes action and sci-fi movies the best.
  16. Nick’s man crush is George Clooney.tmp_3lN2hL_6a08a35b2ded0464_main
  17. Nick has never had a cavity.
  18. Though he can drive a stick-shift, he hates it.
  19. Nick’s favorite vacation so far was visiting Norway, the land of his people.
  20. Nick has one brother.
  21. He loves dogs, but never wants one.
  22. Nick’s birth date is exactly 55 days after mine, in the same year, and he loves to call attention to it every day in between.
  23. Nick wants the live the millionaire lifestyle, at the Groupon price.
  24. He loves bacon, sushi, and pizza.
  25. Nick’s favorite pie is apple pie.
  26. And his favorite fruit is blueberries, both fresh and dried.
  27. Nick and I are both holiday babies.
  28. Nick is almost a full foot taller than me, at about 6 feet tall. (Me=5’3”)
  29. Nick’s hometown is known for the paper mill and it’s role in cranberry production.
  30. Nick doesn’t like the rain.
  31. Nick’s favorite season is winter (because we currently live in FL.) downloadHAHA.
  32. He likes to go to bed early and get up early.
  33. Nick loves pumpkin best as a Fall flavor.

Alright, well, there you have it. We will be back home in WI for Nick’s birthday this year. He isn’t looking forward to the snow, cold, or season. But I am! Happy Birthday Hubby!!

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