The Best Ways to Treat Your Flu- Naturally

It’s that time of year again and no one is happy about it. I’ve been lucky enough to escape getting sick so far, (thanks oils=) but I’m always ready for it.

The flu is wide-spread this year and it’s not good. I heard a stat about a week ago that 40flu.jpg states were dealing with the flu spreading, in comparison with only 12 last year at this time. Yike.

And the thing is, there’s no cure for the flu! For the most part, you just have to wait it out. Sometimes the doctor is best, especially if you have an agitated case or other conditions worsening your sickness. But for the majority of us, we need to comfort ourselves until it passes. Want to do it naturally? Here’s how:


There is nothing better for the body than rest, especially if you’re sick. Rest helps your body to restore itself and build your energy back up so that you can get better, faster.

Warm Drinks with Honey and Honey_Water_FeaturedPicLemon

Staying hydrated is key, so the more water, the better. Add some honey (to warm water, not hot) water and lemon, too. This will help strengthen your immune system and give you an antibacterial boost that your body needs and wants. You can also add honey and lemon, or any citrus, to tea or cold water. Sip away.

Steamy Showershower-head-resized-600.jpg

Showers are great when you’re sick. The warm water will soothe your achy body and wash the germs away. I love to add a couple drops of oils to the shower floor, too. Peppermint will help you feel less congested and more fresh. Grapefruit will awaken your senses and will help you feel more energized.

Diffuse Oils41D8nbBwChL

Diffusing oils when you’re sick can only help.  No Sick is a great blend to help you feel well. 1 drop oregano and 1 drop thieves plus water and you’re good to go. I also love lemon and lavender because the lemon is so healthful and the lavender is calming.

The flu is the worst so I hope you and yours are escaping its wrath this year, but if you’re not, these tips will help. The flu season will be over soon enough so until then, stay well!

Here’s my wellness tips book for more on how to stay well:

Disclaimer: I use Young Living Essential Oils and based on my research, I believe these are the best, safest, and most pure oils on the market. PLEASE do your own research and determine which oils are best for you and your family.

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