Healthy Travel Tips: Tip Two

IMG_20170604_173802Have a salad each day for a meal.

I know, soup and salad is my favorite so it’s easy for me to say that. But salads are really tasty and so healthful for you!

To round out your meal, order a side of chicken wings or fruit. Want more reasons why salads are the best meal around, here’s six:

  1. Salads are full of vegetables, making them one of the healthiest things you can eat.
  2. Salads can be vegetarian, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and more, so you can add them to every day eating for everybody.
  3. Salads can be topped with just about anything from lean protein to fruit.
  4. Salads are full of fiber and therefore great for digestion.
  5. Salads are ethnically diverse so you can have a Greek Salad one day and an Italian Salad the next.
  6. Salads are delicious.

Maybe number six should have been number 1 because salads are so yummy! At any rate, this tip is easy to do and will help you feel your best, whether busy at home or on the go traveling.

Watch for more travel tips on my blog and my new (healthy tips) book, coming soon!

In between meals, I make sure to have healthy, grabable snacks on hand all the time. Here are some of my favorites:

These are like healthy fruit roll ups, but flat. I could eat these everyday.

Just yum.

Healthy Traveler’s Tips: Tip One

Take advantage of healthy options offered around you (sometimes they’re even free!) If you’re staying at a hotel, look for healthy snacks and drinks that are provided.

Fresh Fruit 

Bananas and apples are often complementary during a hotel stay. Usually these are found in the hotel lobby or gym. It’s (literally) easy to grab and will last a few days sans refrigeration, making it a perfect on the go pick.

20161023_110315Bananas and apples are great “pre-workout” foods too. Grab a piece of fruit, lace up your shoes, and head outside to explore.

4 Reasons To Eat An Apple/Banana Each Day:

  • Both fruits are very nutrient dense foods with lots of vitamins and minerals. They will fill you up with good for your body carbs.
  • These fruits make great snacks. Their goodness provides the vitamins and minerals that help your body run at its best.
  • Did you know these fruit give a caffeine-free energy boost? Because of their easy to digest carbs, apples and bananas fuel your body almost as fast as you consume them.
  • Eating naturally high fiber foods is the best way to keep fiber in your diet. The fiber improves your gastrointestinal health too.


Hot water for tea, coffee, and water are sometimes complementary as well. The coffee, tea and hot water are located in or near the lobby. And for chilled water, most hotel gyms have a water cooler or at least a bubbler. (For non-Wisconsinites, a water fountain LOL.)275px-A_small_cup_of_coffee

Some hotels have fruit water too. If not, limes, lemons, grapefruits, and oranges travel well, so if you like flavored water, keep some around so that you can have fruit water whenever you want.

Healthful living is possible whether you are constantly on the go or a constant homebody. Watch for more healthy tips and tricks to come!

Want healthy delicious snacks to keep in your purse or pocket? Here are a few of my favs!

 Lara Bars are delicious and their flavor is spot on!

 This popcorn is soy free and GF. You’ll love it.



Healthy Traveler’s Tips: Introduction

Love to travel but dislike the unhealthy post trip feeling? Maybe you don’t love to travel all the time but work or personal life has you constantly on the go?

Let me tell you, there’s a way to travel healthfully and it really only takes a little extra IMG_20170604_173802effort to pull it off.

As a former preventative wellness employee and a current preventative wellness enthusiast, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this.

You can’t look and feel healthy without a healthy diet. You just can’t.

And I get it. Life is busy and time is short. But I’m here to show you there are no excuses and there are healthy options everywhere.

Being on the road is no exception. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you how.

You’ll be surprised when you see how many healthy delicious things you can find IMG_20170611_071533when you’re on the road. Whether it’s work or fun, let me show you how easy it is to treat your body well when you’re in new environments.

The other part of a healthful life, get up and move. Everyday, no matter what. You only have time for a 10 minute walk? Do it. Need to get to the gym at least every other day to keep sane? Get there.

For a great core workout, a treadmill circuit, or a leg day, check out the links. If yoga is Y3 (1)more your speed, these moves are great too. Always keep moving, it’s easily one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here’s why:

Five Reasons to Move More Each Day:

  1. move more to reduce and maintain body fat
  2. move more to improve your mood
  3. move more to help you sleep better
  4. move more to keep your immune system strong
  5. move more to help you stay more focused

This could be as little as taking the steps. But do it everywhere you go. Just make sure that you get up and move everyday.

Watch for my travel tips to come! Leave any questions in the comments and be sure to check out some of my favorite travel must-haves below:

 This water bottle is BPA free and you can take it anywhere!

 My fleece blanket is pink, but I don’t travel without it!





Essential oils are my go to for everyday life and travel too. My top three oil blends are used for allergies, my face, and a preventative oil blend I call, “No Sick.”

Want to order oils through me?  My Young Living member number is 3682018 and I would love to help introduce and teach you about oils.


Exploring Ohio: The Old Mason Winery

With colorful wine flights, a 77-degree day, and a table in the shade, this wine tasting was pretty much perfect. We couldn’t have enjoyed trying and tasting each others wines more.

Driving through about 5 miles of hills, trees, and natural beauty, I knew we were about to go over the border. Crossing the state line from Indiana to Ohio was physically different from most of Indiana, so beautiful, and all new to me.

With lots of driving and less than a day of stay, we knew we didn’t have much time. But we just had to squeeze in a winery stop and Old Mason Winery was it. With a cute upper loft and several tables inside and out, it was a great wine stop from the start.

There were two wine flight options, $6 for 5-1 ounce tastings or $12 for 5-2 ounce Screenshot_20170601-102433tastings.

The Wine

As a fruit winemaker myself, I always love to sample new and different fruit wines. Old Mason Winery’s Concord was very similar to mine and delicious. The Statesman tasted like a blend of concord and another sweet wine and was also a favorite of mine.

I also really enjoyed the white blend, White Blossom.

Fruit wine isn’t my husband’s favorite but it turns out that The Razz, raspberry wine, was his favorite here. It’s no surprise to us that The Razz is Old Mason’s best seller.

If you’re ever in Ohio, passing through or otherwise, Old Mason Winery is a great stop. With snacks, drinks, and a great place to enjoy them, don’t miss out on this fun find.

Happy exploring!




Three and a Half Days in Canada: Day One

Hey! It’s just so fitting to start out with that. Born and raised in WI, “hey” is common place and used for “hi,” to get someones attention, and even sometimes as a statement or question.

Even walking into the hotel, “hey there,” was written on the door. Canada, we have arrived. (And for my first time ever!)

Our first day started with driving from Michigan and into Canada. Crossing the border took about half and hour but otherwise, it was a snap. Handed over our drivers licenses, US birth certificates, answered a couple of questions, and we were in.

Let’s back up. My husband and I are on a road trip for work. We started in Milwaukee WI, then onto/through Chicago IL, a night in Dayton Ohio, two nights in Detroit MI, and now Canada. He has meetings, I have “shops,” and we’re both writing a lot. Plus, of course, trying to take it all in and have some fun too.

Just driving into Canada, I couldn’t help but notice all the differences. Yet, at the very same time, all the similarities. Canada so far has looked (and felt) much like the Midwest. However, many of the similarities end there.

Here are all the differences so far:


Canada, like most of the world, use metrics. Distance is kilometers, volume is litre, and temperature is Celsius. This is new and different to me. Ie, even our GPS uses kilometers which made me laugh.

French is everywhere!download

I knew that large parts of Canada spoke French and used French, but I didn’t expect to see it all over the place. As a Spanish speaker, I imagine I feel now like my hubby did when we lived in Panama. Ie, I can’t read the signs written in French and feel a little left out of it all.

But just a little. And I plan to learn a few words while I’m here. First is sucre or sugar in English=)


And finally, the biggest thing I noticed was the signs. So many are pictures without words! Have you seen this before? I love it. All of Canada uses emojis irl. Too cool.

I also saw a speed bump sign, no words, just waves.

And for fun, a picture of the monies.


We have lots of things to do, see, and write about. For now, au revoir! (Bye in French=)


On The Road: My Four Favorite Hotel Things

Currently my husband and I are in the middle of a two week work road trip. I’ve come to appreciate the things I love about staying at a hotel.

Don’t get me wrong, there are inevitably hiccups on the road. And only being places for a day or two makes for a lot of driving. But if you do it right, there are some things you can easily control.

Staying healthy and active on the road is one. A little prep work goes a long way and is worth it.  Enjoying amenities you don’t have at home is a plus too. We don’t have cable so hotel TV is one of our favorite night in activities.

Setting the temperature to very cold degree therefore lulling you into a deep sleep is another guilty pleasure on the road. These are my favorite things.

The Fitness CenterIMG_20170531_122229

I love a hotel gym. I remind myself of the boy I used to nanny for who would always want to go to a, “New park, new park!” There’s nothing I enjoy more than visiting the (new to me) hotel gym and getting in a solid workout.

No hotel gym? Make that work too. Walks to explore and get out and about are awesome and top my list. I also do circuits, stairs, run/walks, yoga, body weight workouts, and more. Want examples? Watch for on the road workouts to come!

Hotel TV

When Happy Hour is your go to for a “night out,” it’s fun to enjoy some TV time in your room. Well it doesn’t bother us to be cable-free at our place, catching up on Bar Rescue or finding old reruns of Modern Family makes for some great TV.


It’s better to sleep in a cold temperature. Not only does it help your body regulate your internal temperature but it helps you sleep more deeply too. As a south FL resident, our place is kept at 77 during the day and around 75 at night. When I’m in a hotel, it’s whatever is comfortable during the day and 65 a night. Sleep tight, Zzzzzzzz.

IMG_20170602_081836Freshly Prepared Breakfast

I love a good hotel breakfast. Continental breakfast or hot, there are lots of healthy, filling options. Sometimes you even luck out with made-to-order omelettes.

It’s easy to make good choices that are not only healthful but delicious. To see the best way to eat well, watch for hotel breakfast and eating well anywhere articles.

I have traveled for work (and pleasure) in the past and am excited to share tips and tricks to being your healthiest you! With just a little prep and a yearning to feel great, incorporate these ideas to see how easy it is.

Watch for informational articles to come and until then, have a happy and healthy Friday!



Day Trip: Explore Homestead FL

FL was never somewhere I pictured living but almost 2 years in, I can officially say I’ve lived in FL. 4 months out of the year, I kinda love it here. The weather is pretty great and there’s always lots to do.

Living in South Florida is any “day trippers” paradise with unlimited activities all around. It’s so easy to jump on a dinner and show cruise some random weekend or take a day trip and visit a new city. For a few hours or a whole day, you can pretend you’re on vaca.

Visit Homestead for lots of fun, touristy things. Our day trip included a guided trolley ride to Biscayne Park where we walked around the land and viewed the visitors center. After a quick lunch, we explored the grounds of the Fruit and Spice Park. Fruit filled wines finished our day at Schnebly’s Winery.

Lots of pictures follow showing views at the national park, a peanut plant and pineapple plant at the fruit and spice park and I share my favorite wine pick from the winery. Take a look through our day and plan a your own there- Homestead awaits you!

Free Trolley

Homestead offers a free trolley to visit Biscayne and Everglades National Forest. Admission into the parks is waived too, so take the trolley! It’s more relaxing than driving and best of all makes the whole experience cost nothing more than gas to get there. For the trolley schedule and information on the parks, check out Homestead’s city website.

Biscayne National Park

Right on the water, this park is a beauty! Trees, rocks, and walking paths along the water lead you around the grounds and back to the nature center. Filled with pictures and fun facts, this center is a fun finish to the park.

Fruit and Spice Park

This place is a must visit if you’re ever in Homestead! With over 500 species of plants and spices, this park is like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s costs about $8/person to get in. Be careful, they have very specific rules. You cannot buy any fruit and you may not pick any off the trees. Anything that has fallen is fair game but nothing is allowed to be carried out either.

In the gift shop and lobby, there are samples of fruits for you to try. There were several things to try while we were there including coconut, star apples and mini bananas.

The best part of the park is walking around and seeing all of the different trees, bushes, and plants of the things we like to eat!

Peanut plant! How fun is this?
Cinnamon Apple Tree
This tree wasn’t marked but we liked it anyhow.
These two toned green trees are some of my favorite FL trees


Allspice Tree
FL Spring Flowers!
The babiest mango!
On a search for fallen mangoes


Avocado tree
Perfect Palms


Love the name of this- Fried Egg Tree



Schnebly Winery 


Our last stop was Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery. We had a Groupon for a wine tasting (5 tastes,) 1 pour and a keepsake wine glass for us both. The winery is in a great open spot and has an attached brewery. They also serve delicious, sustainable local food.

As a fruit wine maker and connoisseur, I have to admit their wine isn’t my favorite. I did enjoy the CocoVino however and Nick liked several of the wines he tried. All in all, it was a great experience and I would go back. Events like live music and the atmosphere combine for a great weekend out for locals and tourists alike.

Our souvenir wine glasses

Homestead is a great place to visit. Not only would we recommend the city to others, we plan to go back ourselves!

Homestead is a thriving town filled with fun things to do. We’d like to visit Everglades National Park, a berry farm, the local city museum, and more on our return trip.

We look forward to returning to Homestead and wish you all happy exploring!





Travel Tips For Essential Oils

Love to travel? Love essential oils? Use these ideas so that you can always have access to the oils you love!

Roller Ballsroller-balls

Roller balls are hands down the best and easiest way to travel with essential oils. Using these for blends at home are great but on a plane or traveling, they are absolutely essential.

Find some easily on Amazon and make sure they are darker in color and glass.


There are several blends I cannot live without. One is my daily (sometimes more) allergy blend, another for my face “moisturizer” and a third I call “No Sick.” Blends are one or more oils typically mixed with a carrier oil.

I also make sure to have the single oils that are most important with me. Typically I travel with 4-5 blends and 3-4 additional single oils, depending on needs.

img_20170107_171158Quart sized bag

Whether traveling by plane or running an errand, I almost always have oils on hand. Instead of buying (an albeit cuter and “better” oil carrying bag) I prefer a quart sized plastic bag. You just place the oils into the bag and zip up the top. Sometimes I fold down the top if they’re in my purse for easy access.

No Sick

My ultimate favorite blend is one I call “No Sick.” 50/50 oregano and thieves, it smells of Christmas and is one of my favorite scents. I am sure to use it a couple times a week and especially when I am feeling under the weather or sick.

How to Get Through the Airport

Three ways:

Checked Bag

Checking your oils works just fine. The only downfall is that you cannot use them in flight or until you get your bag back.

X ray

X rays deal with frequencies so theoretically they shouldn’t affect the oils, though some people disagree.

Hand Check

If you have them hand check your oils, you’re likely to get further testing as well. A hand swipe and body pat down was included when I did it this way.

I personally have done all three methods when at the airport. Putting the oils through the X ray seems the most efficient way to keep your oils on you. The downside to hand checking is extra time and “checks.” Each of these worked fine and after putting them through X ray I haven’t noticed a notable difference in any of my oils. The choice is yours.


Frankincense is one of the most amazing oils out there and I love it for many things. Put this wonderful oil on the lower backside of your ears while your on the plane and enjoy little to no pressure and popping during take off and landing. Coming from someone with ear and pressure sensitivities, this works so great!

These are some tried and true travel tips that work fantastically and are convenient too. Good luck and happy adventures!

Disclaimer: I use Young Living Essential Oils and based on my research, I believe these are the best, safest and most pure oils on the market. PLEASE do your own research and determine which oils are best for you and your family.