When I Have Psoriasis Flares, This is What I Do

I hate when my psoriasis flares, it’s the worst feeling. What does it feel like? My skin itches, it’s on fire, it turns red, and it’s all around uncomfortable.

So what do I do when it happens? Slather on steroid cream? Run to the dermatologist to bathtub-2485957_1920.jpgget shots? Nope. These are the last things I do, the things I do ONLY if I have to. Let me explain.

I am not one to take medication. If I’m sick, I’m downing homemade, garlic-filled soup, dousing on essential oils, and sipping on OJ along with endless amounts of water.

And when I get psoriasis flares, it’s much of the same. Well, not exactly the same, but as natural and non-medicine as I can. Here are the things I do when I get a flare and the things that make me feel better, sans medicine.


Sometimes, nothing feels better than ice. It cools your skin, slightly numbs it, and does a good job of taking away the itch. Of course, be careful to not over-chill or give yourself ice burn, as this will only further irritate your skin. But in this case, for psoriasis flares, cold is good.

Essential Oilsleaf-3070153_1920.jpg

If I’m “at home,” and not going out, geranium is key. The thing is, it doesn’t smell good. But you know what else? It stops the itch. My other favorite no itch oil is peppermint. Because of the mint in it, it instantly cools your skin and, you guessed it, stops the itch.

Essential Oil and Epsom Salt Bath

These baths are perfect for flares and really help me relax, too. I like to use lavender, tea tree, and geranium oils for the bath. Make sure to mix the oils in a cup (or more) of Epsom salt and then add them to your bath water. (Just so you know, this mixture doesn’t smell good, it isn’t meant to, but it will make your skin better and you will be glad that you sat in it.) Also, add apple cider vinegar to your bath. I KNOW, yuck, all around, but this isn’t a smell good bath, it’s a (skin) feel good bath. Oh, and make sure the water’s not too hot, this is very important!

These are the main things I do when I get a flare. I have steroid cream on hand if I ever need it, but I rarely use it. I prefer to eat gluten-free, make sure to drink all the water, use paraben-free, fragrance-free, high-quality and natural lotion, and do anything and everything I can to naturally protect and take care of my skin.

I hope you don’t have psoriasis, but if you do, I hope this blog post is helpful and inspiring. Take care!


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