Scripture Sunday: Bible Study Week 4

The lecture was great and the talk with the girls, too. But I feel like every week I get something different out of bible study, even if it’s “not related.” And this week was no different.

This is what I got out of bible study this week:pexels-photo-55787

How to pray over my day. 

And I’m so glad. These are the things I’ve been praying about each day and I like it. It’s not that I don’t pray beyond these things, of course, I do. I just like to have a “base” to pray for my day, and it’s been good. Do you have daily prayers?

I pray for Him to help me to accomplish what He wants me to do for the day.

Someone said this and I listened. She said that often when she prayed this over her day, she would feel well accomplished and like she got everything done that she “needed” to.

I pray to hold onto my faith and patience.pexels-photo-208315

More faith, and more patience.

I pray for help to NOT react.

Our first instinct is always to react in the natural, at least it is for me. When people drive badly around me, I feel annoyed. When I’m too hot, I’m over it. And when I get a “just thinking of you” text from my hubby, it makes me smile.

Well I will always take a text from my hubby, the other two reactions can take a hike.  I pray to choose calm over annoyance and stay in the path of the air conditioning when I’m too hot, LOL.

I pray to live spiritually,pexels-photo-257037 not naturally.

This means not to let others set your mood, whether it’s other events of the day, people or things happening around you.

To have a peace with the day and enjoy all of it.

I have liked using these as a direction for my prayers. Happy Sunday friends and have a blessed week=)





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