Tolerance Test Results: In- And Here’s What They Said

First things first, Happy New Year!! I got these results over Christmas, it was like an early present=)

I was so excited that my results came in and I couldn’t wait to pour over the findings.

Allergy Test Findings:

I’m intolerant to..

  • pumpkin (can you believe it? I never liked it much anyhow but some people woulddownload (2) be the saddest.)
  • coriander, aka cilantro. Funny enough, I don’t like this either..
  • buckwheat and oat flour
  • and Brazil nuts.

I was also intolerant to several non-food items, and will do research to see what they are and how to avoid them.

(Chaetomium Globosum, Chicken Serum Proteins, Horse Fly Bot, Insulin Porcine, Swine Serum Albumin, Ustilago Tritici)

I’m deficient in..

Omega 3 fatty (3).jpg

What?!? I take a fish oil everyday (everyday I “remember.”) So, I need to be more vigilant about taking fish oil each day, and even double down.

I have an elevated level of..

Mercury. I attribute this to eating canned tuna. I really do like canned tuna.

According to my low cortisol levels..

I’m a relaxed individual. Hahahaha, ok. l’ll take (4).jpg

I also received DNA related risk levels for things like blood pressure, fat intake, sodium intake, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These results tell me what effects me and what I can and shouldn’t do to feel the best.

And, what we’ve all been waiting for, my sensitivities.

Side note: these findings all align with my psoriasis diagnosis. This makes these results very reliable in my eyes and I’m glad to have almost had a second opinion, of sorts.

According to my results..

I have an intolerance for gluten. I’ve noticed not eating gluten makes me feel better, not obnoxiously full after meals, and less tummy bloat, too. images

I have a slight sensitivity to lactose. This means my body produces less of the enzyme that processes lactose. As a Wisconsinite, I grew up eating cheese and everything dairy. As an adult, I still love cheese but don’t drink milk or have copious amounts of dairy, otherwise. So cutting back is easy enough for me.

Another surprise was reading that I am highly sensitive to caffeine. I plan to wean and cut caffeine entirely, at least to test out how it makes me feel.images (3)

Because at the end of the day, I just want to feel well. I want to feel alert without caffeinating, satiated without feeling “full,” and healthy because of food, natural remedies through essential oils and with plant-based and low/no chemical cleaners to help life sparkle.

I’m glad I looked into testing like this, and that I went through with it. Wellness is about all the small decisions, everyday, that we make. If you make lots of good but little decisions, it will pay off and you will feel more well each day.

If you make bad decisions and listen to your senses and ignore what your body wants and needs, you will feel less and less well each day. It’s just the way it is.

But, for lots of amazing recipes for all of your cravings, search to find delicious and healthy yet indulgent recipes.

Happy New Years Day everyone, I’m so glad to share with you and take on this new year with you!

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