Essential Oil Lovers, Be Careful Using Oils This Summer Season

Essential oils came into my life and I’ve loved them ever since. I use oils for my allergies, my face, to prevent sickness, and so much more!

Essential Oils for the Summer

Essential oils are great for summertime use. Tea tree oil wards off bugs and Copaiba is soothing and restorative after too much time in the sun.

Be Careful With These Essential Oils in the Summer

But please, whatever you do, don’t oil up with anything citrus during the summer! Oils like Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, Coriander, and even Ginger are photo sensitive. Grapefruit-Whole-&-SplitWearing these oils in the sunshine can and will burn you.  Don’t do it.

Still want the great effects of these oils? Use them at night! If you end your day with light sensitive oils you reap the benefits without any negative side effects.

Use oils on skin areas not prone to constant sunlight. This is the safest way to protect yourself and your skin.

My Favorite Essential Oils For The Summer

  • In the diffuser, grapefruit and lime create a light summer scent. Lemon and Lavender is a fresh, calming scent too.
  • Tea tree keeps the bugs away as does Lavender.
  • Did you get a little too much sun? Use oils like Copaiba, Lavender, and Frankincense soothe and protect you skin.

Essential oils are great year around but it’s important to pay attention to what oils you’re using and when.

Want to order oils through me?  My Young Living member number is 3682018. Leave any questions in the comments and happy oiling!

Disclaimer: I use Young Living Essential Oils and based on my research, I believe these are the best, safest and most pure oils on the market. PLEASE do your own research and determine which oils are best for you and your family. 



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