6 Ways To Get Long Beautiful Natural Nails

Look at those nails! I’ve coveted naturally beautiful nails like these for the better part of my young adult life…but I couldn’t grow them. Deterrents like having a physical job or a college lifestyle may very well have attributed to their stunted growth at the time. However, my early 30’s have arrived and along with a healthy lifestyle, so have these beauts! Want a chance to grow your very own? Read On.

1. Take a Fish Oil Supplement20160713_132622-1

A fish oil supplement is one of the best things you can take on the daily. Benefits from fish oil are many and include things like increased energy and healthy skin. Nail growth is also at the forefront of benefits due to the Omega-3 fatty acids and the Vitamin D and A which all support nail growth.

2. Take a Multivitamin

For me, taking a multivitamin everyday is essential. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, a multivitamin is a great way to round out my habits. Make sure you choose one that is high-potency and best for your personal goals.

3. Eat Enough Protein

Protein is crucial to the growth and strength of your nails, skin, hair and even your eyes and muscles. After all, they are all made of protein! Eating enough protein helps repair and construct your nails. Amounts vary on an individualized basis but if you consume protein at each meal that is a great start to obtaining your protein needs.

4. Drink Enough Water

Our bodies are made up off more than 60% water and drinking lots of water is important to keeping nails and cuticles hydrated. Remember, if your body is dehydrated then your nails will be too!

finger-nail-clippers-clipart-15. Keep Them Trimmed

You love your nails long but be sure to trim them on the regular. Cutting and filing finger nails is the best defense against breakage

6. Keep Them Painted

Painted nails react strongly against the elements. Think about it, when you paint your nails (typical coverage and average nail polish) the color is usually gone within a week due to chipping and cracking. Nail polish provides a great barrier of protection for your nails and is fun too!

Length and strength can be had with proper diet and a little bit of TLC. Just like anything else, your nails will thrive and grow when you feed the body what it needs and fill up on water too.

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