Cardio Leg Day/ 50 & 5

If I haven’t scared you off enough with this title, than this workout must be for you!

It lasts less then an hour and helps shape your legs, glutes and core. There are only 5 moves and you can do the entire workout with or without weight and run or walk.

Do each exercise 50 times with “a lap” in between and 5 in total. My LAP is once around the pond in my Leg lifts“community” in FL, about 1/2 mile.

Leg lifts- 50 on each side  and 50 reverse leg lifts (send your (straight) leg backward
and squeeze your glutes)


BW legs 7

Squats- 50 Squats with or without weights


Deads-  50 dead lifts with or without weights


Step ups- the best glute workout!

Step Ups-  50 step ups on each leg with or without weights


Bridges-  50 bridges with a two second squeeze at the top IMG_20160529_191320






This workout is great because it’s so adjustable. It’s a tough cardio and leg but you’ll be glad you did it and feel great!

Walking Everyday Is Healthy And Important

Keeping active is imperative in this life. Walking is an easy an effective way to literally “get your steps in” and it feels great. Take a walk often to benefit your health.

It’s Easy

No gym membership needed here! Lace up and head out the door with this quick essential workout. Just starting out? Even a short walk is a good start, just be consistent.

weight-scaleReduces Body Fat

Walking on a daily basis will moderately reduce your body fat over time. Persistence and patience will pay off and help you to keep control of your weight.

Stress Reduction

Spending time outdoors, especially active time, is a great way to reduce stress and boost your immune system. Fresh air and sunlight are both linked with stress reduction and elevated moods.

Energy Boost

Taking a walk will feel wonderful and leave you with more energy than you had beforehand. Improved circulation boosts oxygen flow and you will feel more alert and energized thanks to your walk.

Get Your Vitamin Dsearch

30 minutes of sun daily is the recommended amount of exposure for your Vitamin D needs. Getting outside to walk feels great so if the weather allows, do it!


Walking is a great way to stay moving for people of all ages. It’s feel good stimulation, both mental and physical, will keep you coming back for more. Happy Walking