Triple Decker Run Sandwich with Cardio Leg Circuits

A what? Well first you run, then you do some leg moves, then you run again, more leg moves, and you finish with more running. A Triple Decker Run Sandwich with Cardio Leg Circuits.

These kind of circuits are tough and after just doing this workout today late morning for the first time, already I feel sore.

Triple Decker Run Sandwich with Cardio Leg Circuitspexels-photo-601177

Pond Run (1/3 mile)

  • 10 squats
  • 10 lunges              X 3 SETS
  • 10 leg lifts (to the side)

Pond Run (1/3 mile)

  • 10 dead lifts (8 lb weights)
  • 10 one-legged squats              X 3 SETS
  • 10 leg lifts (to the back)

Pond Run (1/3 mile)

For pictures of the moves, you can check out this previous Cardio Legs  workout. This workout is tough but feels great.

Have you worked out today? Everyday is a great day to get in a workout! Let me know your favorites=)

Cardio Leg Workout with Short Runs

This leg workout is perfect for a butt boost and it’s easy enough to find stairs to do it if you aren’t at a gym.

These exercises use body weight and also incorporate a treadmill.  So if you wanted to, you could do it with any stairs and running.

Complete five sets through and make sure to do leg workouts on both sides!

Both legs, 10 reps

Both legs, 10 reps

6 mph is a steady speed and “goes” quickly but you can do any speed you want to for 1/4 mile

Ten squats

This workout is great for your legs and body. You can tailor it in all different ways depending on your level of training or how often you’re training.

Make sure to workout 2-3 times a week at the least, even if it’s walking or yoga. Every little bit helps!

I love this water bottle and use it all the time:


The Best Natural Deodorant and it’s Not What You’d Expect

I’ve found it. After years of searching and trying all the products I could get my hands on, I’d all but given up. But then..

Though a day, a yoga session, and a nights sleep, it worked. Through a day and a cardio workout, while stepping into the shower, I noticed it was still working.

And what’s more? It smells amazing. A friend suggested it and I couldn’t be more happy with the result! IMG_20170630_123306 (1)

Have you ever tried primal pit paste? Do you love it as much as me?? There are several other natural deodorants that I’ve tried and liked but none of them worked as well as this one.

Tell me if there’s others I should try and let me know if you like this one too! Happy Natural Deodorant using=)

Wanna try it right now? Here’s my favorite:

And the friend that told me about it, here’s the one she uses:

Cardio Leg Day/ 50 & 5

If I haven’t scared you off enough with this title, than this workout must be for you!

It lasts less then an hour and helps shape your legs, glutes and core. There are only 5 moves and you can do the entire workout with or without weight and run or walk.

Do each exercise 50 times with “a lap” in between and 5 in total. My LAP is once around the pond in my Leg lifts“community” in FL, about 1/2 mile.

Leg lifts- 50 on each side  and 50 reverse leg lifts (send your (straight) leg backward
and squeeze your glutes)


BW legs 7

Squats- 50 Squats with or without weights


Deads-  50 dead lifts with or without weights


Step ups- the best glute workout!

Step Ups-  50 step ups on each leg with or without weights


Bridges-  50 bridges with a two second squeeze at the top IMG_20160529_191320






This workout is great because it’s so adjustable. It’s a tough cardio and leg but you’ll be glad you did it and feel great!

Cardio Legs (BW (bodyweight) workout)

Cardio isn’t my thing. In fact, unless I am walking or dancing, cardio is a sparse activity on my workout regimen. When toning workouts or lifting sessions take on cardio like qualities, this is my happy place.

Check out my body weight cardio leg workout. This is perfect for a beginner but a challenge too. Enjoy!


Lunges- 25 lunges per side x3 sets

Squats-25 squats per set x3 sets

Leg Ups- 25 per side x3 sets

Step Ups- 25 each side x3 sets

Wall Sit- For 30-60 seconds or for however long you can hold it!

**Tip: You can add reps or sets as needed to push yourself**

Lunges and Squats

Basic yet essential, these two moves are great for your butt and legs.



Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are a great hip openers and give shape and muscle to your butt.


Leg lifts


Step Ups

Love this leg move! Stepping up onto a bench is one of my favorite butt moves and definitely counts as cardio.



And if you aren’t at the gym..get creative!



Wall Sits

Loathed by most and denied by some, wall sits are a great ending to any leg workout.


BW legs 13


Hold this move as long as you can. Feel the burn


That wraps it up for my cardio leg BW workout. How do you feel? Make sure to stretch afterwards and drink plenty of water. Watch for future BW workouts to come, weights included!

Treadmill Circuit

Treadmills can accommodate cardio workouts of all kinds and as an inside activity, work great in any weather!

Speed and Incline Combos- Walking Only2016-05-23_13.52.29


4.0 speed and 0 Incline for 5 minutes- warm up

4.0 speed with 2 Incline for 3 minutes

4.0 speed with 5 Incline for 3 minutes

4.0 speed with 8 Incline for 3 minutes

4.0 Speed with 10 Incline for 2 minutes (or as long as you can)

You are panting and sweating at this point. Don’t give up yet!


3.0 speed and 2 Incline for 2 minutes

3.0 speed and 5 Incline for 3 minutes

3.0 speed and 8 Incline for 3 minutes

3.0 and incline 10 for 3 minutes


Finish off with something that is comfortable but still makes you work! I did 4.0 speed at 2 Incline for an extra 20 minutes.


Great job!