Happy 33rd Birthday to my BFF! (And 33 Fun Facts About Her)

Happy Birthday, BFF!

This girl. My BFF. I love her! me and bff

Here are 33 facts for my best friend’s 33rd birthday:

  1. Her birthday is July 5, 1985. She is 9 months younger than me.
  2. Jill loves the Fall.
  3. Jill has lived in CA for the better part of 10 years.
  4. Jill is from Wisconsin.
  5. We met freshman year of high school, she was 14, and I was 15, almost 20 years ago!
  6. Jill loves cheese.
  7. Jill hates coconut and mosquitoes.
  8. Jill loves Lake Tahoe.
  9. We used to pass notes back and forth in class in high school, I still have some of them!
  10. We have been in St. Louis, MI, Jacksonville, Miami, and Delray Beach, FL, San Antonio, TX, Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, Novato, Los Angeles, Petaluma, Sonoma, and Napa, CA together. And so many other places=)
  11. Her favorite color is blue.
  12. Jill loves to read romance novels and Jodi Piccoult.23755537_1918597448391794_5366075461544281775_n
  13. We take walk and talk dates when we’re together.
  14. We both love Reece’s Pieces.
  15. Jill’s favorite animal is the elephant.
  16. Jill always thinks she wants highlights in her hair but she never likes them.
  17. Jill’s middle name is Gail, after her mom.
  18. Jill got straight A’s her first semester of grad school.
  19. In high school, Jill was a swimmer and a soccer player.12141752_433271540214377_1784174630986696769_n
  20. In high school, Jill and I rode the bench together during basketball.
  21. Jill is married with two fun, spunky, and beautiful little girls.
  22. Jill calls me Emily Louise and has since high school.
  23. Jill “stole” my boyfriend in high school. Well, she didn’t really steal him but she dated him after me, and for a while. Oh, high school. HAHA
  24. Jill married her coast guard sweetheart in Las Vegas, his hometown.
  25. Her motto- “Treat everyone how you want to be treated.”
  26. We love Chipotle.
  27. Jill and I have the same dragonfly tattoo, along with three other friends of ours from high school. We all got a different color.
  28. Jill grew up in Delevan, WI, and that’s where we met.
  29. We both love to watch lifetime movies, comedies, rom coms, and scary movies. We like movies.
  30. 22894021_1840464036174313_7927404288637668535_nNeither of us likes clothes shopping.
  31. Jill hates the heat as much as I do but is cold whenever there is a breeze.
  32. Jill loves HGTV and spends her free time “dreaming” and looking for houses realtor.com.
  33. Jill is very close to her family and the best friend ever!

Give me BFF the happiest of Happy Birthday’s! This girl would do anything for anyone, and is an amazing mom and friend.

I love you, Jill! Happy Birthday!!


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