If You’re Sitting Right Now, Then This Is For You

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we all sit too much. This goes for me, too. But the thing is, it’s terrible for you. And me. And we all need to do it less.

Sitting too much causes lower back stress, hip problems and a slew of other health teen-student-girl-sitting-at-her-school-desk_3446-510concerns. Also, if you’re sitting all day, you aren’t expending any calories. This means you are most likely taking in more calories than your body needs. And this leads to other health concerns as well.

We all have to sit in this life, but you know what else? We all have to move around, too.

Like Newton said, a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. Clearly, I’m paraphrasing. But for the purpose of this post, the point is, we just have to sit less and move more. Here’s how.

What to Do:

Get Up

Stand at least once an hour (if not twice or more!) Standing up feels great and helps your circulation, too.

Stand Upwalk

Not the same as the last tip, but close. Stand more when you can! Have something to read? Stand up and do it. Is there a counter you can stand at? Use your laptop standing up!

Take a Walk

Around the office, around the block, up and down the stairs, just get moving. Moving around helps trigger important body processes that are otherwise stalled while sitting.
And what else? You need to eat for your level of activity. Yes, this means hefty servings of pizza, feet after feet of sub sandwiches and sugary drinks aren’t the best idea for lunch.
Even if you’re into constant, vigorous workouts, it doesn’t outweigh the damage that sitting does to our bodies. Eating well on days you’re sitting a lot is super important. Here are some easy ways to eat better (especially on the days of low activity):

What to Consume:


Drink water and only water. Want to add some flavor? Use fresh citrus juice. Nix soda, juice, sugary teas or coffees and other drinks throughout the day.


Fruits and vegetables should make up at least 50% of your plate (I shoot for 75%) So have a vegetable side, a salad, a fruit and a “main” and you’re lunch is perfect.

Healthy “Main”

The best thing to eat with your fruits and vegetables is lean meat, maybe a bowl of filling soup or even chili. If you do want a sandwich, slice of pizza or cake, make sure to have just one serving. You can still have the indulgence without it being your whole meal.
These tips should help you feel better, from the inside out. Watch for another post soon about stretching for sitters. (Stretching your body after (daily) bouts of sitting is just as important as limiting your sitting.)
How often during a day do you sit? What types of things do you do to make sure you’re moving around enough and staying “in motion?”
For other wellness tips and staying healthy, even during the busiest times, check out my book.

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