Goals, Dreams and Life- Thoughtful Thursday

Dreams are an interesting thing. Goals even. You want this or that with your life and you put in so much effort and you strive and try harder than ever and then..

Then, you hit that goal! You made your dream happen. And now what?? Now you work even harder!

Say what?

Yes. Continued effort. More trying. Harder work. More work. More time and dedication. More striving. More learning.

When you get married, for many that’s a dream. But it isn’t until after that, that you put in that time or that effort. Because now you’re not trying for that dream of getting married, you’re trying for a dream of being married. You’re trying to make your marriage the best it can be.

The same goes for a job. You work so hard to get that dream job. Whether schooling gets you there or it’s the experience you need, you do the unthinkable and you make it happen. Then you have your dream job, so you’re done right? Nope. Time to work smarter, work harder and try more.

Come to think of it, having children will likely produce more of the same. The goal is to get pregnant. For some, it’s the natural ease it was meant to be. For others, just getting there can turn into a dream. For those people it’s nonstop prayers and doing the best you can all while trying to remain patient and calm.

Then you get pregnant. Whew, what a relief. Your dream became reality. But now you have to prepare life for a big change. And then suddenly your baby is there with you, all the time, everyday. And now that you made your dream happen, what now? Well now you just want to try harder, strive harder and be the best (parent) you can be. 

And so on it goes..

That’s the thing about dreams. If you work tirelessly and manage to achieve your dream, then that’s when the work starts. That is when the efforts are needed.

This is what makes dreams, dreams. Most people can’t get there. So if you do, don’t let it slip through your fingers.


…and remember, this is your life.


Happy Thursday!thought-bubble

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