Two Ingredient Homemade Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the best on a hot day! But nobody likes when the ice cubes water it down. These homemade coffee ice cubes create a great flavor and chill your drink too!

Coffee Ice Cubes


  • 1 cup fresh (but not hot) coffee
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk

Mix the coffee and almond milk and pour into ice cube tray. Freeze until solid and place cubes into plastic bags to be used at your convenience.

Tip: The trays require about 2 cups of liquid total so you would need 4 cups altogether to fill two trays.

Iced Coffee

Mix 6 oz coffee (fresh but not hot) and 2 oz almond milk with 4-5 coffee ice cubes and you’ve got an Emmy Iced Coffee!

Iced coffee makes a warm morning almost refreshing and is a great afternoon pick-me-up too. This recipe requires a little bit of prep time however once made it is great to have on hand for convenience. Enjoy!




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