Five Reasons To Go Fishing Today

Fishing is fun

Feel your adrenaline spike with each tug on the line signaling a fish to be had! There is no better time than fishing time.

The weather is perfsearch

Summer is here and the states are warm and temperate (for the most part.) Sunshine and great temps make early summer the best time to get out into nature and catch some fish.

Today is National Go Fishing Day

It’s true, June 18th is National Go Fishing Day. As such, today is a day to set aside your weekly schedule and routine and find a place to throw in a hook.

searchFishing is healthy

Casting and reeling provide constant movement while you fish. Fishing is a low impact activity and a great way to keep active. Plus, fish is healthy to eat and therefore can be dinner!

Fishing is relaxing

Did you know that blue is a calming color? With all the fresh air and water all around you it is no wonder that fishing feels great.


Any reason is great to set aside some time and take yourself out to catch some fish! If for no other reason,  go fishing to celebrate National Go Fishing Day. Good Luck!


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