Keep A Bowl Of Onion Peels On Your Counter

The story goes like this, centuries ago in Medieval times, people placed cut onions in the different rooms of their houses to ward off and protect their families from the black death. This story or myth as some say is dispelled, again and again, but this is what I know.

I always have a bowl with onions on my counter. I believe it to be a way to naturally purify the air.  Here’s why.

Onions, once sliced and diced, absorb toxins, chemicals and even smells. Onions soak up whatever is in the air around them,  which is why you should never store them,  uncovered, in the fridge.

Onions are a daily staple in my recipes and as such, not only do I always have them on hand but I am always cutting, peeling and using them.

I thought, if you can’t put a cut onion in the fridge because it soaks up everything, then why not leave them on the counter so they do the same?

Be it a wives tale, a rumor or simply one really knows. However, everywhere you look sources tell you to preserve and properly store cut onions, they absolutely must be kept in an airtight container.  Does an onion soak up all the nastiness in the air? Are pieces of onion placed on the counter a solution to sickness? Try it out for yourself, it won’t hurt and it may help!

How To: Take the cut off ends and the top peel of each side and place them into your onion bowl. Make sure that no one eats these peels, pets included!

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