Naturally Cleaning Your Diffuser

It’s that time of year again when the cold and snow remind you it’s the holidays. Oh’s 80+ degrees outside and I certainly cannot see any snow.

Sometimes I forget, I’m living in South Florida. Well, no snow and no cold doesn’t change the date any, meaning Christmas is just around the corner!

And I know I’m not the only one who loves, loves, loves diffusing Christmas scents around the house. The thing is, when is the last time you cleaned out your diffuser?

Have you ever? Next time you clean it (and you probably should soon,) try this new and natural way to clean it. You will feel great knowing that the amazing oils you’re diffusing are so good for you and your family, and that they are coming from a clean source, too.

Here’s how you do it:

Diffuser Cleaning BlendIMG_20171128_161958.jpg

  • 1/8 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1/3 cup water

**the amounts may depend on your diffuser**

  1. Add water about halfway to the fill line and a small amount of vinegar. For mine, the above amounts worked great.
  2. Let your diffuser run for about 5 minutes (or all the way through if you want) and dump out the rest of the mixture. With cotton swabs, clean out the inside and bottom of your diffuser.
  3. Lastly, add a small amount of water (halfway to the fill line or less,) and let it run again. And that’s it!

Your naturally clean diffuser is ready to put “clean” and amazing scents back into your house and air, yay!

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For oils, I use Young Living Essential Oils. If you want to order through me, let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I use Young Living Essential Oils and based on my research, I believe these are the best, safest, and most pure oils on the market. PLEASE do your own research and determine which oils are best for you and your family. 

Naturally Tough Cleaning Scrub

I love a clutter-free, straightened-up house, but I hate to scrub. Truth be told, Nick does that.

And thank God for that because as much as I don’t love to scrub, I do love a dip in the tub! And I need a clean tub for my essential oil baths!

For the sinks, shower, and bathtub, this easy recipe works great.

Naturally Strong Cleaning ScrubIMG_20171011_104140

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cups vinegar
  • lemon juice or essential oil (optional)

Combine the ingredients, baking soda first. When you add the vinegar it will bubble up, so add slowly! (Or fast for fun=)

For a fresh, lemony smell, add your choice of lemon. Scrub on this mixture with a scrub brush. Wipe off and see great results.

This cleaner is easy to mix up and I love that it’s all natural. There are so many great natural products out there these days but homemade ones are easy and helpful, too.

And the results? Awesome. The scrub quickly helped break up any dirt and left a clean sparkle when it was wiped off.


Natural products are so important to me and they help protect the planet, too. These are some of my favorites! I like Method Brand and Ecos and use them often.

Try This Natural And Chemical Free Bathroom Scrub

My husband cleans out the tub and stand up shower, and I love him for it. Frankly, he is better suited for the job due to his height and that is just fine with me. Being a fan of natural products throughout the house, it is no wonder I was drawn to creating a natural scrub for the bathroom.

Vinegar can replace so many different chemicalized cleaning agents that it was a fast go to for me when deciding what to start with. I also added baking soda to the mixture for its whitening properties and ease of breaking up grease and soap scum (in this case).

This cleaner is great for the tub, toilet, sinks (including the kitchen) and you can even use it in the oven!

Vinegar And Baking Soda Scrub

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda

Combine ingredients in a medium sized bowl, dip your brush into the bowl and scrub the entire surface. When you’re finished, spray down with water. Repeat as needed for desired level of cleanliness!

Tip: When you add the baking soda it fizzes intensely for a couple of seconds so use a large bowl.


Grab a good scrub brush and get to it!

And after!

We live in a rental and the tub has permanent marks on the bottom and will never be perfect- but look at that shine! Natural ingredients and a clean tub make me one happy (about to take a bubble bath) wife!!

Tip Tuesday


For a “freshness” boost, add a splash of vinegar to your load of laundry while it is in the washer. Just a splash! It will help cut undesirable scents and also helps reduce static cling!