Love This Pretty Red Pedi

I love this color red. It has an underlying gold shimmer and it’s just beautiful.

This is my favorite color but last I knew, it’s no longer sold in stores:(

The one I own is from Amazon and it’s running out.  Want to know a tip?

Once your polish begins to age, you can add clear polish to it to get the most out of it. Awesome, huh?

My favorite pedi=)

It’s a trendy Fall color, too, and a part of the Pantone this season. I also love the Toast, for the name and color. So fun!

Here’s the rest of the colors for the season:


This nail polish remover works the best and smells good, too!


Nail Fun!


Hazelnut with Niagara accent nail.  I love to follow Pantone’s colors of the season/year.

It feels fashionable and helps mix up the colors I use.


Happy mani!