Love This Pretty Red Pedi

I love this color red. It has an underlying gold shimmer and it’s just beautiful.

This is my favorite color but last I knew, it’s no longer sold in stores:(

The one I own is from Amazon and it’s running out.  Want to know a tip?

Once your polish begins to age, you can add clear polish to it to get the most out of it. Awesome, huh?

My favorite pedi=)

It’s a trendy Fall color, too, and a part of the Pantone this season. I also love the Toast, for the name and color. So fun!

Here’s the rest of the colors for the season:


This nail polish remover works the best and smells good, too!


Nail Fun!


Hazelnut with Niagara accent nail.  I love to follow Pantone’s colors of the season/year.

It feels fashionable and helps mix up the colors I use.


Happy mani!

Nail Fun

Birthday. Black. Shimmer. Nails.

Because I’m a Halloween baby and this shimmer polish is one of my favs! Happy day after Halloween!


Fall Nails

My favorite red paired with a deep orange: the colors of Fall! Both colors have an underlying gold shimmer that creates a soft and beautiful finish.

I love Fall colors!


Nail Fun

My hubby chose my nail polish colors and it turns out they are both Fall 2016 Panatone colors! Great Job Hubby!

Warm taupe and bodacious are both in the Top 10 colors for the season and set each other off beautifully. Happy Fall and Happy Labor Day!