Naturally Tough Cleaning Scrub

I love a clutter-free, straightened-up house, but I hate to scrub. Truth be told, Nick does that.

And thank God for that because as much as I don’t love to scrub, I do love a dip in the tub! And I need a clean tub for my essential oil baths!

For the sinks, shower, and bathtub, this easy recipe works great.

Naturally Strong Cleaning ScrubIMG_20171011_104140

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cups vinegar
  • lemon juice or essential oil (optional)

Combine the ingredients, baking soda first. When you add the vinegar it will bubble up, so add slowly! (Or fast for fun=)

For a fresh, lemony smell, add your choice of lemon. Scrub on this mixture with a scrub brush. Wipe off and see great results.

This cleaner is easy to mix up and I love that it’s all natural. There are so many great natural products out there these days but homemade ones are easy and helpful, too.

And the results? Awesome. The scrub quickly helped break up any dirt and left a clean sparkle when it was wiped off.


Natural products are so important to me and they help protect the planet, too. These are some of my favorites! I like Method Brand and Ecos and use them often.

Naturals: One Of The Best Brands Around

Quality natural products are really important to me. Companies veer towards organic, natural and plant based options more and more these days. This trend is awesome and gives us more choices.

One brand consistently measures up to the quality I want and expect. Have you ever tried method-2Method Brand? Because you should.

I have been using Method products for a couple years now. Love them. Their moto? People against dirty.

They don’t use¬†phosphates or bleach like more conventional cleaners do. In fact, they don’t use any of the things on this list. This is their “Dirty Ingredients List.” They include an email at the bottom for anyone that wants more information. This company is so clairvoyant, it’s easy trust them.

chemical typically found in environmental + health summary
chlorine bleach surface cleaners, bathroom cleaners, laundry detergent very toxic, irritant/harmful
triclosan hand wash, body wash very toxic, corrosive, dangerous for the environment
EDTA hand wash, body wash dangerous for the environment
phosphates dishwasher detergent dangerous for the environment
2-butoxyethanol floor cleaners very toxic
phthalates fragrance in cleaning + body products very toxic
paraben hand wash, body wash very toxic
ammonia glass cleaners, surface cleaners very toxic, irritant/harmful, dangerous for the environment
MEA (ethanolamine) laundry detergent very toxic, irritant/harmful
want to learn more about the ingredients we do and don’t use in our products? email us at

Their scents are naturally derived and biodegradable. They also have a “dirty” list of ingredients that they DO NOT use in fragrances because those are typically very toxic chemicals used by other companies, but not Method.

Favorite Products:

I use their laundry soap and love it. The Coconut Lime is my current favorite.

Also their foaming hand soap has an orange ginger scent that is a new love of mine, especially in the kitchen!

They have different different antibacterial mixtures and all purpose sprays too. My husband uses the body wash and they are coming out with more products all the time.

You can order their products online as well as find them in lots of different stores. The price point is reasonable as well and they have sales often.

Try Method and you’ll love it as much as I do!