Walking Everyday Is Healthy And Important

Keeping active is imperative in this life. Walking is an easy an effective way to literally “get your steps in” and it feels great. Take a walk often to benefit your health.

It’s Easy

No gym membership needed here! Lace up and head out the door with this quick essential workout. Just starting out? Even a short walk is a good start, just be consistent.

weight-scaleReduces Body Fat

Walking on a daily basis will moderately reduce your body fat over time. Persistence and patience will pay off and help you to keep control of your weight.

Stress Reduction

Spending time outdoors, especially active time, is a great way to reduce stress and boost your immune system. Fresh air and sunlight are both linked with stress reduction and elevated moods.

Energy Boost

Taking a walk will feel wonderful and leave you with more energy than you had beforehand. Improved circulation boosts oxygen flow and you will feel more alert and energized thanks to your walk.

Get Your Vitamin Dsearch

30 minutes of sun daily is the recommended amount of exposure for your Vitamin D needs. Getting outside to walk feels great so if the weather allows, do it!


Walking is a great way to stay moving for people of all ages. It’s feel good stimulation, both mental and physical, will keep you coming back for more. Happy Walking



Drink Coffee Today In Celebration Of National Coffee Day

400 million cups of coffee are consumed everyday here in the United States. That’s a lot of coffee!  Not only does it taste great, it’s healthful too.

weightsCoffee for an energy boost

Coffee contains caffeine, 95mg per 8 oz cup to be exact. Caffeine wakes us up, enhances our athletic performance and keeps us alert. Caffeine (in moderation) is a great fit for an active healthy lifestyle.

Coffee as a natural appetite suppressant

The caffeine and antioxidants in coffee work together as an appetite suppressant. Caffeine heightens your metabolic rate showing increases upwards of 10%!

Coffee for Antioxidants

Levels of antioxidants are absolutely booming in this dark beverage. So much so, that in a typical diet, Americans ingest more antioxidants while drinking coffee than eating fruits and vegetables combined.

Coffee For Lots of Vitaminsvitamins

Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 are all present in coffee. With Potassium and Manganese as well, this beverage packs a good dose of vitamins all hidden within your satisfying cup. And while the percentages aren’t very high per 8 oz, (all under 10%) after 2-3 cups, the amounts become an adequate source of said vitamins.


Coffee For Variety

There is a cup of “Joe” out there for everyone. Cold, hot, cold-pressed and iced are all deliciously different in their own ways. Add a splash of almond milk (my personal favorite) or any of several add-ins and enjoy!


Coffee is a staple in the American diet. 65% of coffee is consumed in the morning, another 30%  between meals and the remaining 5% at lunch or dinner. Want a coffee for free today? Check out this link for the goods. Happy National Coffee Day!