I Have Psoriasis, and This Is How I Treat It Naturally

Psoriasis sucks, and that’s the truth. The problem is, this auto-immune condition is untreatable. So, if you have it, you always will. That’s the part that sucks the most.

While the worst of it seemed to last forever, I can say that I’ve come out the other side now. At times, I almost forget it’s there. When I flare, it’s a glaring reminder to not forget. Why? Because a couple changes changed my psoriasis life. And that is no joke.

I don’t like medication, shots, OTC remedies or basically anything deemed “needed” by the American Medical Association. I like natural. I like preventative. I like to eat and download (3)move for health, before and preferably in place, of medication.

When I first was diagnosed with psoriasis, it was bad, it was spreading and it wouldn’t quit. For the full story, read here.

Right now, I have scalp psoriasis. I also battle occasional face ‘pox’ (as I call them) and armpit pox as well. On top of those areas, my forearms flare almost weekly. Doesn’t sound good to you, does it? But trust me when I say, it really is.

When I was diagnosed I had it worse, and in many more places including my elbows, patches on parts of both calves, my forehead and my armpits. Plus, as mentioned in my story, I had a severe, raw, red and bleeding left forearm because it itched and I itched it. As you can see, what I deal with now is significantly less than this. And I am so thankful.

But I work HARD for these results. I make choices everyday that keep my psoriasis at bay and are natural remedies. I also eat to heal my psoriasis from the inside out. This is what I do:

I eat gluten-free

Gluten-free foods lessen the inflammatory reactions within my body and I gluten-freewholeheartedly believe this is a HUGE part of the relief I experience.

I use essential oils

I know, you’re like, “Of course you do.” What don’t you use essential oils for? And, it’s true. Essential oils don’t get rid of my psoriasis but peppermint nixes the itch, almost immediately, which is huge for psoriasis sufferers. I also use them in my baths which smell great and are super enjoyable.

I take essential oil baths

These baths help keep flares at bay and make my skin feel great. Plus, I have alwaysPeppermintoil loved climbing into the bathtub. These baths have epsom salt, essential oils and even apple cider vinegar. Want to take one yourself. Click here for my essential oils bath, especially for psoriasis.

Honestly, these three things, really two things, are it. And my psoriasis is so much better just due to these remedies. I still haven’t had any shots since the end of 2017 and we are three months into 2018 now. This makes me very happy.

Psoriasis is a part of my life and I don’t like it. That’s the problem. But eating gluten-free and using oils are a part of my life, too. And ultimately that’s an amazing solution for psoriasis. If you’re reading this, I pray you don’t have psoriasis and you were just interested in my story. But, if you do have psoriasis, I urge you to try these remedies and I pray that they help you and your skin as much as they have, me. I wish natural health to you all!





I have Psoriasis and This is My Story

Psoriasis effects 7.5 million people, and I’m one of them. Ugh.

This autoimmune disease is uncurable and uncomfortable, to say the least. I began showing symptoms of psoriasis after moving to South Florida in 2015 and was diagnosed with psoriasis in the summer of 2016. I was so sad.

Leading up to the diagnosis, I tried for months to relieve or rid my skin of what was

This is what my elbows looked like, almost constantly, for the better part of two years.

ailing it. I did research for weeks and tried essential oils, epsom salt, coconut oil treatments, and more. Nothing touched it and it was getting worse. It itched, hurt, looked terrible and I had had it. I tried lots of OTC remedies and finally went to my dermatologist.

At the time, I didn’t know that much about psoriasis. In my mind, I could get rid of anything with my natural “cures,” but no. My dermatologist recommended a steroid cream and I left that day, but never got it. I  ended up back in her office less than 4 months later, with bigger worse patches, and a left forearm that was raw after weeks of scratching.

She told me to get the cream, again. I got the cream. I used it as instructed for over a month and it didn’t helped. I was miserable. No one I know has psoriasis so I didn’t have anyone to go to for advice. And looking on the internet just made me realize that everyone who has psoriasis was as miserable as I was.

I made another appointment and went back to my dermatologist. This time, she gave me a steroid shot and finally! Some relief. But the thing is, I don’t want to have to get shots for the rest of my life to feel less of my psoriasis. I don’t want to use steroid creams and OTC products forever. So, I’m not.

For about a year, I went in every three months for my shots.  I had two shots in the leg, two shots in my armpits, and probably almost 10 shots in my elbows. At present, I have psoriasis on my face and scalp.

But NONE on my elbows?!?!? How amazing is that? Praise God! My last shots were towards the end of last year (2017) and I don’t have to schedule another appointment anytime soon. So happy!

But I still have it. I don’t do anything “medically” for my face or scalp. But it’s there and it’s real.

I took a step back and accepted it. Also, I forced myself to think of the other side. In all reality, my psoriasis effects me negatively, everyday, but most people would have no idea because they can’t see it.

I am so blessed. My psoriasis covers maybe 10% of my skin (in this moment) and a huge

Mine was smaller but looked like this in my armpits.

part of that is my scalp. Some people have the opposite and deal with 90% coverage and huge red and scaling patches that hurt and itch, covering nearly every inch of their bodies.

The reality of it all is that I have it. I need to deal with it the best I can and I want to do it as naturally as I can. So this is my story. It’s not pretty but it’s real. And if you have psoriasis, I want to help you in anyway I can. Because #psoriasissucks.

Watch for more posts about psoriasis, especially pertaining to what I do for mine, how I eat because of it, and more.

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