I am not 100% of any one thing, at any time. I delve into everything natural that I can and I love to live and eat in the most natural way there is. I nix chemicals whereever possible, cook with whole foods and stay away from soy. I enjoy finding locally sourced produce and meats, food made from food and plant based cleaners.

Natural living is important in this day of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, GMO’s and hormones. Without living “off the grid,” there are elements in my everyday that consist of ingredients I don’t favor. I support organic and locally sourced food, I work to  have the least amount of chemicals in my day-to-day and to live with modern conveniences while staying as true to my natural beliefs as possible.

Here I will share all of the above and more. I use natural homemade cleaners and plant based products around the house. There are lots of different brands that I really stand behind and I am learning and finding more and better things everyday!


Enjoy XOXO