Holistic wellness is what this site is all about and this section will guide you through all of my tips and tricks to a more natural lifestyle.

What It’s All About:

Essential oils are great for your health, cleaning and more. And they’re natural. I use them for everything and I love to share it all with you! This includes blends, diffuser scents, favorite oils and more.

A huge part of natural living, to me, is about the things of God. This is where the scripture Sunday’s come in. I like to pray a lot and meditation can be a great natural stress reducer, too. I love that being holistic means being thankful and using the things of God in this life. To eat the food of the earth, and use it as medicine. And using the essence of plants for health- yay!

Along the same thinking, I love to travel, explore and see what has been created for us. Hills, water, trees and animals of all shapes and sizes! What a wonder.

And anything else that falls into this natural living like great plant-based products, my favorite gluten-free and soy-free snacks and foods and so much more. Enjoy!